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Anyone who has visited this city will probably notice the ancient, and dangerous highway on-ramps and off-ramps as they enter and exit the city. With this in mind, it really should come as no surprise to you that Glendale tops the entire state of Rhode Island in traffic accidents alone. Ehline Law Firm PC is one of the leading catastrophic injury law firms in Glendale, California. Clients and even the news media seek us out for answers to the latest shocking events on the local and national scene.

We have a proven track record of achievement in negligence law cases in all courts of the state. We run to the sound of the calamity and will not shirk from the most unpleasant cases, including those involving the loss of a spouse, who left behind kids and dependants. One of the attributes that separates us from the pack, is our unwavering “do or die” attitude.  We promptly return phone calls and aggressively represent our clients with the diligence, compassion and quality that holds us out head and shoulders above the rest.

Glendale, CA Personal Injury Attorneys

Ehline Law Firm, PC has the respect of other lawyers, the court judges and the insurance companies. The law firm has represented thousands of clients in throughout the state of California. We would welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case, provide you with your legal options and protect your rights. Glendale, California is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, with a population of approximately 210,000 residents. (See Official U.S. Census Data.)

A place with this much going on is an accident waiting to happen. Think about it. The city is bordered by Burbank to the west, with film and television studios and to the east by Pasadena, the home of the famous Rose Bowl. It is also home to various businesses, shopping, dining, Glendale Civic Auditorium and Glendale Community College. Like many California cities, it is dense and ripe for all types of cataclysmic events, both god and man made. (See Glendale Police Statistics.) To top it off, the city has many visitors every year from California and around the globe. This means people unfamiliar with the dangers and unique features of this bustling territory.

City Accident Statistics

Glendale has many things to do and places to work, but it is also one of major U.S. cities recognized for massive traffic congestion (Intersections: L.A. Top 10 for Traffic Congestion.) This town is also famous for many other types of non traffic related tragedies to life and limb. In 2008 the California State Office of Traffic Safety statistical data showed that 725 people were injured and at least 6 people killed in traffic accidents. There are other types of accidents resulting in injury and death besides traffic accidents. Construction site mishaps, dangerous products and pedestrian accidents are a few of the other kinds of incidences that happen in a city of this size.

Timing is Crucial

After being injured, it is important to act as quickly as possible in hiring a tort lawyer, because timing is everything. The evidence in the case must be preserved and done before it has a chance to deteriorate or be destroyed. Any witnesses should be interviewed, before the details begin to fade or they are not able to be located. The most important thing in an injury claim is the law only permits a limited amount of time to file the claim, and when it is not filed in time, you will give up your right to be compensated. Our law firm ensures that all legal documents are filed within the necessary amount of time and evidence is preserved properly. This is assuming you don’t blow the statute of limitations. (California Statute of Limitations for Injury Claims.)  You need to get a lawyer right away.


Immediate Attention

Our lawyers understand that sometimes after being injured it is difficult to schedule an appointment to meet in our offices. When you cannot come to our office we will come to your hospital room, rehabilitation facility, home or other location to discuss your case and explain your legal rights. You did not have a choice in being involved in the incident that resulted in your injuries, but you do have a choice in hiring a member of the bar you can trust.


Having the resources to hire experts in accident reconstruction, medical specialists and other virtuosos, is important, and something not all law firms have. Law firms that do not have the resources to employ the use of experts in their prospective fields, like bio-mechanics, for example, may be forced to settle your case early, which means obtaining less compensation than you deserve. Our law firm has the financial resources to handle cases that have more than one liable party no matter how large they are.

Recovering Damages

Our legal professionals know that the insurance companies use tactics when an accident victim does not have legal representation, to lower the amount they recover or deny their injury claim for the financial recovery they deserve to receive.

In the event that the accident caused the death of a loved one and involved recklessness or other negligence, the family members of the victim may sue for the death.

Retaining a Personal Injury Lawyer

In Glendale or nearby communities if you or a family member has suffered injuries in an accident, the Ehline Law Firm, PC attorneys have the years of experience to protect your rights. Our lawyers focus on personal injury law and the law firm has an exceptional Super Lawyers and AVVO rating. We have successfully obtained the best outcome in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients totaling millions of dollars. We always work on a no recovery no fee basis, and we can be reached toll-free at 888-400-9721 right now!

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